My Thoughts On The #MuteRKelly Movement

There’s so much going on in the world, it can be quite a conundrum trying to figure out what to pay attention to, what to ignore, what to pray about, and what to mute.  The recent #MuteRKelly movement is all over social media, and has been mentioned on the news as well.  Check out this website for additional information about the movement: Perhaps those who are either outside of the African American community and/or deciding to read articles about the movement are wondering how decades can go by, allegations can build up, and how, perhaps, one of their favorite artists … Continue reading My Thoughts On The #MuteRKelly Movement

Tongue and Cheek

“So, you have like a nervous thing, right? You’re chewing yourself.” I’ve always known that I had a cheek biting habit, however, those words sashaying off my dentist’s lips were like a long, slow clap in an empty cathedral. Determined to defeat this manic culprit, I decided to monitor how many times my tongue massaged my cheek today so that I could tracked the muscular, waltz-like hunt.  I won’t state how many times teeth met flesh, for sake of sparing you, the reader of this blog, repulsive disgust. So, I, Misty Miller, in sound mind and body, admit that I … Continue reading Tongue and Cheek